A partial blackout hit the Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday night just minutes into the third quarter during Super Bowl XLVII. It lasted 34 minutes. 

The topic blew up on Twitter, generating as many as 231,500 tweets per minute. But one of the most notable tweets of all came from PBS who chimed in: 

The tweet spread like wildfire, garnering 3,527 retweets and 955 favorites.

Marketing and Communications Director Kevin Dando told Paid Content the timing was perfect since a weekly social media chat about the show was under way. It also didn't hurt that big name celebrities like Giada De Laurentiis retweeted the quip. 

The Super Bowl tweet was the public broadcaster's second most popular since it rolled out a campaign to defend itself (and Big Bird) after Mitt Romney revealed plans to cut funding for its programs during the Presidential debates.  

[via Paid Content]