It’s easy to forget that Marvel is releasing a sequel to 2011’s Thor later this year. Not only has it been a quick turnaround since the original and the character’s appearance in The Avengers, but the studio is giving the movie a fall release date, as opposed to a traditional summer one. This means that the hype for the film will likely be a bit more subdued compared to that of Iron Man 3.

Still, with the promise of the God of Thunder battling foes across the nine realms of Yggdrasill (the world tree), and the inclusion of Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor, Thor: The Dark World is looking to surpass its predecessor by bringing a more epic feel to the movie.

And now, courtesy of Empire, we have our first behind-the-scenes look at the movie in the image above. This photo features Chris Hemsworth in what looks to be a slightly revamped Thor outfit chatting with Taylor on a set that looks very Asgardian. Though we have no footage from The Dark World as of yet, we’re betting a debut trailer will hit around the same time as Iron Man 3 is in theaters.

Thor: The Dark World comes out on November 8.

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