Justine Betti, a sophomore at Linden High School in Linden, CA, may have a bright future in law enforcement. After she and fellow students noticed that money had been vanishing from the backpacks, she hatched a plan to catch the culprit. To her shock, she learned that it was her beloved gym teacher.

One day after gym class, Betti allowed her friends to leave and crammed herself into a locker. That's when she noticed the 30-year veteran teacher rifling through student's personal items. The next time around, she recorded the ordeal using her cell phone. She also set up another camera in another locker so she could get A and B roll footage. On the second attempt, she caught the teacher taking something out of a pink duffel bag.

Betti presented her evidence to the school principal, who told her he would "investigate" and asked her to delete the video. Sounds like a cover-up, right? It was too late, as Betti had already told her father. In the meantime, the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the school conducts its own investigation.

There's no way it can  beat Betti's.

[via SFist]