Back on Feb. 8, Joe Rickey Hundley allegedly slapped a crying two-year-old boy aboard a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta after calling the child a "n*gger." According to 33-year-old Jessica Bennett, her son began crying just as the plane was about to land. The 60-year-old Hundley was sitting next to them and suddenly slapped the boy, leaving a scratch below his right eye.

In a sworn statement, FBI special agent Daron Cheney says that Hundley told Bennett to "shut that (N-word) baby up." Cheney says that several appalled passengers rushed to Bennett's aid. Bennett adds that Hundley "reeked of alcohol," and was seen "stumbling around wasted." 

Hundley was charged with assault and will reportedly plead not guilty. Considering the number of witnesses to the incident, that plea will probably get laughed right out of court.  To make matters worse for him, he was fired from his job yesterday evening. He's facing a year in jail, and he deserves whatever happens to him.

[via Gawker]