At the intersection of cool and funny, you find Alison Brie, the featured attraction on two of TV's biggest cult hits, Mad Men (that's the cool) and Community (the funny).

Interestingly enough, on both shows, Brie plays an uptight character, which is at odds with the real Alison. This 30-year-old California native likes so many things that we find so likeable—nudity, streaking, playing classic rock covers, rapping like a white girl. Truth be told, we're only scratching the surface with Alison.

There are plenty of cool and funny girls out there (no, there are, you're just not looking hard enough), but very few of them are as capital-S Sexy as Brie. In the years to come, as she takes over the planet one person's mind at a time, we'll look back at this as a strange time, when we still had to explain that Alison Brie is not the characters she's famous for playing.

Alison Brie... Alison Brie... isn't she that prissy housewife on Mad Men? Isn't she that high-strung geek girl on Community?

If that's all you know about her, then you need to know more. Here are 25 things you don't know about Alison Brie.