In a time when found footage horror movies are all the craze, it’s a welcome sight whenever a movie comes out and delivers some good old fashion scares like the classics of the genre used to do. And that’s exactly what the remake of Evil Dead is looking for. Produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell—the men behind the original—this reimagining of the cult-classic flick looks to bring pervasive gore and real shocks back to theaters in a big way.

The trailer focuses on the performance of Jane Levy as Mia, who gets possessed by the demons in the Book of the Dead and proceeds to terrify her four friends. Coupled with some visceral violence, this performance will either make or break the movie. And from what we see here, it looks like Levy might just come out of Evil Dead as a breakout star. While most horror remakes tend to water down the source material, Evil Dead looks even more shocking and bloody than the original ever did. 

We’ll see if Evil Dead can finally bring old school horror back to the big screen when it gets released on April 12, 2013.

[via Collider]