Where: The Wayland
Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 700 East 9th St.
Website: thewaylandnyc.com
Bartender Says: "Between the mixture of the smoke and the unique apple characteristic of this old fashioned, the drink itself tastes like a really boozy, burnt apple pie. It’s an interactive process. We let the drink sit for 35-40 seconds in front of the guest, and tell them to take the capsule off and breathe it in. Once you inhale the smoke, it sets your palette like if you were at a campfire; it stays with you a bit. Everytime you go to drink, you’ll still smell the resin of the burnt cinnamon bark and applewood."—Jason Mendenhall, Co-Owner/Bartender


1 1/4 oz. Old Overholt Rye
1 1/4 oz. applepie moonshine (cut with apple juice infused with cinnamon)
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
2 Dashes of homemade spiced apple bitters

Stir with a few cubes of ice. Smoke applewood and cinnamon bark through a  vaporizer. Pull smoke through the hose into snifter, and capsule smoke over top of drink. Take snifter off the top and breathe it in.