Where: Brushstroke
Neighborhood: TriBeCa
Address: 30 Hudson St.
Website: davidbouley.com/brushstroke-main/
Bartender Says: "
This cocktail starts with fresh, natural ingredients and the rest of the recipe is meant to bring out the taste of those ingredients. In this case, we try to bring out the cucumber flavor as much as possible by thoroughly muddling it. Gin is a natural complement to cucumber, and the almonds and black pepper add contrast to create a beautiful frame for a rich, clean cucumber flavor." —Gen Yamamoto, Bar Manager/Mixologist


Thin Japanese cucumber
2 oz. Greenhook gin
3/4 oz. simple syrup
Almond salt
Sea salt
Ground black pepper

In a round rocks glass, thoroughly muddle half of the cucumber. Shake gin and simple syrup and pour into a round rocks glass. Rim 1/4 of the glass with almond salt (crushed almonds and sea salt). Garnish with fresh ground pepper and a cucumber slice.