AMC just announced the final (tear) season of Mad Men, and we can't help but wonder: will Don Draper (Jon Hamm) be able to have it all? The job, the young wife? One the thing we can be sure of is that his ex-wife, Betty (January Jones), won't be getting the fairy tale. 

"That's not realistic," Jones told Vulture this week at Sundance. "[Matt Weiner] is very true to human nature. Some people just don't get silver linings, and that's not interesting anyway."

Betty is often cited as the most-hated character on a show full of loose morals and is criticized for her lack of parenting skills (although Don is much, much worse), so we doubt fans will be too broken up over her unhappiness.

Jones admits she doesn't know what would make Betty happy. "Even when she found out last year that she wasn't dying, she was like, 'Great, so I'm just fat.'"

Fat Betty: never forget.

We would like to see more of her this season, and she says she's "gotten do to a lot of weird stuff." Mad Men premieres April 7.

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[via Vulture]