Despite its astonishingly large fanbase, it looks like MTV may be putting Teen Mom 2 on the chopping block soon - reportedly, all because of tabloid fodder and controversial series star Jenelle Evans.

Damnit, Jenelle. This is why we can't have relatively nice things.

According to E!, MTV hasn't made any official comments about canceling the reality series yet, but sources at the network are commenting that it's "definitely on its way out." Evans, who has long struggled with drug use and an unhealthy obsession with Ke$ha, has apparently become something the network considers too much of a liability - which, coming from the guys who found success showcasing ultra-tanned hot messes, is saying a lot.

"The way she's going, she could literally die and MTV will be blamed for it," an insider commented. "They should have just taken away all her Twitters and Facebooks. Whatever." In case you're not aware, in addition to drug use and Ke$ha, Evans is also very fond of her Twitter, and uses it to chronicle most of her life - including a play by play of her recent miscarriage, and very public fights with her husband Courtland Rogers (whom she recently filed assault charges against). 

Whatever happens though, the network is still planning on airing the already completed fourth season of the series, and should be announcing a premiere date soon. 

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[via E!]