Yesterday, video footage which shows a CVS manager in Chicago strangling a homeless man to death was released. The incident took place in 2010, and the video shows Pedro Villarosa holding 35-year-old Anthony Kyser down and choking him with the help of six others. All of this because Kyser allegedly stole a tube of toothpaste.

DNAInfo released the original video, along with this description:

It shows Kyser's final minutes on May 8, 2010, and the beginning of the police investigation into the case. No charges were filed in Kyser's death, which police ruled an accident. CVS has said the manager acted in self-defense after being attacked by Kyser.

The video appears to capture Kyser fleeing to the alley with the store manager close behind him. There's a brief struggle before Kyser hits the pavement, with the store manager on top of him.

Another man appears to punch and kick Kyser, at one point stepping down on his hand while the store manager remains atop Kyser. More bystanders join in, helping to hold Kyser down. Eventually, Kyser stops flailing his legs, the video shows.

Kyser's mother, Anna Marie Kyser, filed a lawsuit holding CVS responsible for her son's death. Villarosa has claimed self-defense, but told a court that he heard Kyser saying "I can't breathe" during the struggle. Salon has reported that the police department has elected not to press criminal charges, despite Kyser's death being ruled a homicide. 

There are no criminal charges pending at the moment.

[via Gawker]