Gun control advocates were mighty pleased when Groupon cancelled all its gun deals in North America on Friday. But the company received a sharp backlash from the arms industry, with many expressing outrage and even boycotting the coupon site. 

A Groupon spokesperson said the move wasn't political and that they've been trying to inform business owners of the "hiatus" from gun-related deals for the past week. But as Matt Brownell explains in a news exclusive on DailyFinance, it seems odd that Andrew Mason's company would decide to review such deals more than a month after the Newtown, Conn. tragedy, though that's clearly the motivation.

Brownell notes there are gun shop proprietors like Michael Cargill, owner of Austin's Central Texas Gun Works, who is asking "everyone in the Second Amendment community to boycott Groupon," after the company cancelled a deal for a discounted concealed gun training course. That might sound extreme, but in Cargill's mind, so was finding out the deal had been canceled after he'd just "increased the purchase limit to 1,500 buyers."  

[via HuffPost Tech]