If someone isn't in to you at all, there's nothing you can do to change that. What you definitely shouldn't do is attempt to force your way into someone's heart. If someone actually took the time to explain this to Earl Dean, he might not have been given a split sentence that includes four years in prison after handcuffing himself to a Taco Bell employee who refused to date him.

In August 2011, the unidentified employee was walking to her car when Dean appeared out of thin air and handcuffed himself to her. When the woman's screams drew several co-workers outside, Dean freed the her and fled. Police caught up with him two days later at Dalton State College, where he was arrested and charged with false imprisonment. 

The victim says that Dean, a volunteer firefighter, had been trying to woo her for a month prior to the attack. If someone isn't interested, move on. Handcuffing a girl who you aren't even dating ain't the way, bruh.

[via Gawker]