As Seen In: Final Destination 2 (2003)

There's hardly a better setting for a complicated Final Destination death scene than a dentist's office. Inherently scary, a tooth doctor's chamber is a real house of horrors for people who hate drills, orange-flavored fluoride, and flossing. And in Final Destination 2, teenaged Tim (James Kirk) inadvertently thwarts Death's unsuccessful attempts to use the dentist's lair as an execution site. Unfortunately, he's too immature to avoid the Grim One's last-ditch effort.

As Tim and his mom exit the building, two of the other "survivors" yell at them, trying to warn the mother/son pair that Tim's next on the fatal menu. But idiotic Tim is too preoccupied with a small army of pigeons to heed their calls, leading to an enormous plate of glass slipping from a construction worker's control and flattening Timmy like an ant under a Timberland boot.

You might ask, "Wouldn't his head just crash through the glass?" Probably, but who cares—shamelessly gory movie deaths don't get much more satisfying than this.

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