Google's mission to reoccupy the iPhone continued today as the company released a new app called YouTube Capture which lets users film videos on their phone and automatically upload them to the streaming video site as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. 

While iOS users already had the option of posting videos recorded on their phone to YouTube, Apple's latest desktop OS, Mac OS X 10.8, no longer has an automatic option for users to upload videos to YouTube. Instead, they now have the option to upload to Vimeo. 

All of which shouldn't come as a surprise. Google and Apple have been severing ties over the past year, with Apple removing the Google Maps app as well as the YouTube app from iOS 6. Like Casey Newton of CNET said, "YouTube decided to seize control of its own destiny by introducing YouTube Capture." 

The YouTube capture app is available now from the Apple App Store. You can learn more about the app from the promotion video above. 

[via CNET]