Yes, Washington D.C. is filled with government paper pushers, lawyers, and think tank dorks. But many of them are government paper pushers, lawyers, and think tank dorks yearning to be free.

For every Capitol Hill desk jockey whose life calling is to weigh the pros and cons of the federal debt ceiling, there's a Homeland Security analyst working on her first screenplay. Some find solace from the soul-crushing weight of life in a suit and tie through a hobby, like needlework or cycling. Others, it seems, let their untapped creative desires bubble up and explode on the walls of bar bathrooms across the District. Or, at least, they get drunk and have ready access to a Sharpie.

There's art on them walls, not to mention something about the drug habits of magicians. Come on, and take a tour of D.C.'s best bar bathroom graffiti—you'll learn something about the beating heart of America.

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