Batteries are not included with the GravityLight, the revolutionary project launched on crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. The lamp is receiving a lot of attention because of its unique power source: gravity.

Requiring no traditional electrical power source is not the only highlight of GravityLight. The ground-breaking lamp also has an extremely reasonable price: $5.

The GravityLight has been under developement for over four years by London designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves. They finally constructed working prototypes and instantly became a hit when the two began raising funds on Indiegogo. With 20 days left, the project only needed $55,000 to launch but has already received over $266,000 from backers. 

The goal of Riddiford and Reeves is to provide a reliable electrical source to billions around the world.

The only thing people need to get the GravityLight up and running is either sand, rocks, or soil. Filling the lamp's bag powers the generator in the device using gravity. The LED bulb will then function for thirty minutes. Not only is it a light source, the lamp can also be used to charge batteries or power a radio.

Interested in contributing? Check out the promo video for GravityLight above and visit its Indiegogo page with additional details here

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