Just in case you’re still buzzing about politics after the madness of election night, Collider has posted three clips from Steven Spielberg’s presidential biopic, Lincoln, for you to take a look at, which we have placed in the video player above. These clips don’t show us any big plot points from the film; instead, they each focus on small character moments that put the spotlight on the performances of Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and, of course, Daniel Day-Lewis.

The small glimpses that we continue to get of Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Lincoln make us think that we’re on the verge of seeing something really special. Not only is the physical resemblance uncanny, but the way he handles himself is so dignified and powerful that you can't help but be impressed. So take a look at these clips and mark November 16 down on your calendar as the day you should be rushing out to theaters to catch Lincoln.

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[via Collider]