The NBA has announced that fans will be able to cast votes for their favorite players to appear in the 2013 All Star game via Facebook and Twitter.

The official press release from the NBA explains how the social media voting system will work:

2013 NBA All-Star Balloting presented by Sprint gives fans around the world the opportunity to vote daily for their favorite players as starters for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston. For the first time ever, NBA fans can vote via social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, and Sina Weibo and Tencent QQ in China.

Twitter voting will allow fans to tweet a vote for one player each day throughout the All-Star balloting period. The tweet must include a player's first and last name, along with hash tag #NBABALLOT. Facebook voting will allow fans to fill out one full ballot (three frontcourt and two guards from each conference) per day, through a custom application on Facebook.

There is plenty of room for error, however, with the new voting system. How will the NBA monitor individuals on Twitter who vote more than once a day or those with programmed bot accounts? Hopefully all the bugs of the new voting system will worked out prior to the 2013 All Star Weekend in Houston.  If Rasheed Wallace makes the starting lineup next year then we know the system had some major flaws.

[via Yahoo]