Shortly after Super Bowl XXXIV took place at the Georgia Dome in January of 2000, a fight broke out in Atlanta's Buckhead district, resulting in the deaths of two people. At the center of the story was Ray Lewis, of the Baltimore Ravens. Regardless of whether Lewis had anything to do with these deaths, this incident was responsible for the crumbling of Atlanta's central nightlife strip. Gone were the 4 a.m. closing times, causing many establishments to leave the Buckhead area. Residents would have to find new places to party.

Fast-forward to present day: Atlanta's nightlife scene has recovered from the Buckhead incident, though it's more sprawling than ever. Be warned: Atlanta is a driving city. Committing to a night out means committing to a specific part of town. Douchebags drink all over the ATL, and their mere presence can ruin a night out.

Avoid these establishments at all costs, the 25 douchiest bars in Atlanta.

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