Appeared In: Goldfinger (1964)
Played By: Gert Fröbe
Diabolical Weapon: Atomic bomb, crotch-cutting laser beam
Killed By: Being sucked out an airplane window

Auric Goldfinger’s obsession with all things gold is one of the great bits of neurosis for any Bond foe, and it also gave birth to one of the best villainous schemes of the entire series. In an attempt to make his own personal stash of gold the most valuable on the planet, Goldfinger tries to detonate an atomic device inside of Fort Knox that would irradiate the gold there and make it worthless. This would cause financial panic worldwide, and everyone would then have to go through him to get more gold.

Goldfinger’s shining moment came during a scene when he binds Bond to a table and aims a high-powered laser at his crotch that is capable of slicing right through 00 and 7. Although he eventually gets killed in the end, this scene alone makes Goldfinger stand out amongst Bond’s better foes.