Cheater: David Arquette
Date Of Affair: October 2010

Even when (allegedly) doing something wrong, David Arquette seems to be doing something right, as he's been linked to some quite appealing women. Wait, let's take that first part back. There seems to be nothing wrong whatsoever in Arquette briefly dating the scrumptious Jasmine Waltz since right before that happened he and his wife Courteney Cox announced they split up after being married 11 years.

So, in all actuality, Waltz wasn't the mistress but the rebound chick. Scoring with this new Friend, who hasn't been shy talking about her sexcapades with the TV and movie actor, gets Dave all kinds of cool points 'cause Jas is sizzling, no doubt.

Speaking of hot, the short-tempered cocktail waitress (ha ha, think about it) reportedly punched Lindsay Lohan in the face on LL's birthday over some petty jealousness. She also dated American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, but realized the severity of her sins so she decided to repent by releasing a must-see sextape of her and an ex in some XXX fun made especially for Valentine's Day. The hype on it is that it features the biggest money shot in any celeb porn movie. Sounds like a blast.