Played by: Jonathan Ke Quan

In an attempt to appeal to children in an otherwise darker sequel, Steven Spielberg introduced the world to Short Round, Indiana Jones’ insufferable sidekick, in 1984’s Temple of Doom. But all this smart-mouthed, adolescent, Chinese orphan did was drag the movie down and contribute to its already evident racism. We’re really not fans of kid sidekicks, and Short Round exhibited every reason why. First off, he was a walking quip machine. Secondly, it’s completely unbelievable that a  kid would be able to avoid death for so long. And again, he was terribly stereotypical and a little offensive.

From what we can tell, Short Round was a Spielberg idea, which is surprising because the whole concept is right in George Lucas’ wheelhouse. Frankly, we don’t like our main heroes to be overshadowed, but that’s just what Short Round managed to do—in a bad way.