Played by: Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell has been hit-or-miss ever since 2006, when he played Ricky Bobby, a NASCAR driver looking to win the Talladega 500. The problem with this role is that it depended on Farrell’s southern accent and numerous clichés to succeed, and after a while those began to wear incredibly thin. Unlike in Anchorman, where Farrell’s comedic repertoire was varied and unpredictable, his Ricky Bobby character was decidedly one-note, and the jokes seem lazily improvised.

But instead of just being a disappointing performance, Farrell’s broad performance made it impossible to tune Ricky Bobby out, especially since he was in nearly every frame of the picture. Again, this wouldn’t have been so bad in small doses, but given that he’s the cartoonish lead in the movie, his act quickly grew stale and annoying.