Usually, we're down with Julianne Moore sex scenes, whether she's nude, half nude, or even slightly nude. The main sex scene from The Kids Are All All Right features Julianne Moore in a flattering, provocative...long-sleeved pajama shirt. And that just about reflects the sum of our displeasure with this scene.

Lesbian sex is supposed to be fun! Kinky! Erotic! Exotic! This scene? It's so mature. And no, not mature as in rated for adult audiences, but mature as in married couple that gets off while hidden entirely underneath a thick blanket. As in hit the mute button on the gay porno because there are two teenage kids sleeping next door. As in Annette Bening looks like she's watching a so-so documentary on the History Channel, while the only sighting of Julianne Moore is her head bobbing up and down beneath the massive blanket. We thought lesbian sex was better than this.