As Seen In: Throughout
Location: Seaside Heights, NJ
Worst Moment: Every moment. Every time they come here, it’s bad. Why do they still come here? At one point during the fifth season, Snooki ran into boyfriend-turned-baby daddy Jionni’s parents here. When your parents are frequenting the same clubs you do, it’s time to find a new spot.

What would Jersey Shore be without Karma? Where would the cast get wasted, experience karmic retribution for their actions, grind out the Jersey turnpike, fist-pump, and create more drama without ever stepping outside the same 20-foot radius? The hot tub, perhaps, but there’s no cover charge, so it doesn’t count.

Decked top to bottom in fluorescent blue lights reminiscent of something from A Night at the Roxbury, Karma is the wasteland where drunken Snooki- and Pauly D-wannabes can mingle with tourists looking to see the place where Jersey Shore filmed. No, thanks; we'd rather not get the Herpes simplex virus just by breathing the air at Karma.