A couple in East London was reportedly caught having sex in a house that they broke into—no, they're not in high school. The troublesome duo had been out drinking, when they snuck into an unlocked apartment for a late night rendezvous. Luckily, 24-year-old Sean Thorne, the owner of the  room, was not home. However, his roommate, 27-year-old Chris Sawyer, was. 

Sawyer and his four friends decided to investigate the telltale sounds of sex, and allegedly filmed the episode. The sex burglars have not been identified, but the man allegedly goes by "Kev." The Sun reports that a team of the woman's friends returned to the apartment the next day to retrieve belongings that she had left behind. 

Some point to the men's failure to call police as evidence that it's all a sham, but maybe Sawyer and his friends didn't think that a drunk tryst was a crime.

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[via The Huffington Post]