The latest trailer for Medal of Honor Warfighter gives us a new peek into the game's first map pack, a tie-in with the upcoming hunt-for-Bin-Laden film Zero Dark Thirty.

The film is directed by The Hurt Locker's Kathryn Bigelow, and the map pack drops players into two infamous locatons: the Darra gun market and the northern Chitral region. Bin Laden was said to have chilled there while he was in hiding in Pakistan. Now we're wondering whether he'll have a cameo in the game..

Anyway, the maps will cost $10, but they'll come free with pre-orders. And part of the proceeds from every sale of the "Zero Dark Thirty map pack" will go to EA's Project Honor, a charity devoted to "raising awareness and generating charitable contributions for fallen warriors from the Special Operations Community." Rad, EA.

Have you pre-ordered Warfighter? Will you buy the maps?