Movie: Femme Fatale (2002)

This movie starts with a jewel heist, but since it's a Brian de Palma film, we know better than to expect a straight-up robbery. No, the jewel (the "Eye of the Serpent") is part of a snake-shaped getup that a basically-naked model named Veronica (Rasmussen) wears to an event in Cannes, France. To relieve Veronica of the valuables, criminal Laure (Romijn) does the logical thing: She seduces her in the bathroom, and while the two are going at it in a stall, we see Romijn's accomplice swap out the real snake-thing with a replica. You have to think that sometime during the planning, Laure said to her conspirators, "You know, this is kind of crazy, but it just might work."