Chances are, whoever was DJing the last party, club, or lounge you went to was using a laptop loaded with Serato software. Check back with those same DJs in a few months and they'll surely be using Serato's new system, which was officially unveiled today. 

Scratch DJ combines Scratch Live and Itch DJ into one all-encompassing system. There's been rumors of a major software update, but today's the first time anyone has seen the new interface. It's not too different from what current Serato users are used to, though there are some new additions. 

The software will have new effects, better cue and loop controls, and improved MIDI controller mapping. Looking at the screenshots provided by Serato, there seems to be a series of interfaces available to the DJ. There's one with four-decks as opposed to the usual two. There's one with album and single art that makes it easier for the DJ to browse their library. And there are others that focus on different feature sets like the Complex SP-6.

The new Serato DJ software is scheduled to drop in November. For Itch users looking for a new MIDI controller, there will be the Pioneer DDJ-SX available upon launch. But if you go to the Serato site, you can check out all the different controllers that are set to drop in 2013.

Head to the Serato site to learn more and see more screenshots of the new DJ software. 

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[via The Verge]