Last year, three architects brought their ambitious swimming pool project to Kickstarter. Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin, from Playlab, and Dong-Ping Wong, from Family, wanted to build a swimming pool in New York's East River. The project would require lots of time, even more money, and just seemed ludicrous. Now, it looks like it might be happening.

The Kickstarter campaign brought in $41,000, and allowed the trio to bring in designers, scientists, and important political figures. They even caught a RT from Jay-Z. They have a new website—EVERYBODY + Pool—and a new goal: one million dollars. If they can raise that in the next six months, they'll be able to build a prototype pool next year, with the real thing coming in 2015.

If they succeed, not only will New Yorkers have a place to swim in a river most wouldn't be caught dead in, it'll improve the quality of the river water, thanks to a complex (and pricey) filtration system.

Good luck, gentlemen. We'll see you in the river.

[via Fast Company]