Those anti-bullying ads clearly aren't doing enough. Sometimes, the only way to combat bullying is to fight it head on. At least, that's what Rebecca Sardoni will tell you. The 28-year-old New Jersey native was arrested after boarding a bus and allegedly physically attacking the children who were bullying her 9-year-old daughter. She even brought her own mother for backup. 

Sardoni's daughter has reportedly experienced weeks of torment, attacks that became physical. Sardoni reported the issue to school officials, but feeling that they failed to take the matter seriously, she decided to handle the problem herself. She allegedly ran up on the bus and demanded to speak to one of the boys responsible for bullying her daughter. She then slapped him and slammed his head into a window while her mother yelled at him, then slapped the boy next to him.

One of the boys suffered a cut lip, and the other was treated for a neck injury at a local hospital. Sardoni and her mother deny attacking anyone, saying, "They (the boys) weren't the ones who were suffering; my daughter was." She added that her daughter was so humiliated about the bullying that she had to write down what had happened to her—she couldn't bring herself to talk about it.

Still, Sardonia has been charged with assault, criminal trespass and making terrorist threats. Her mother was also charged with criminal trespass.

[via Gawker]