37-year-old Rebecca Rachelle Hill of Maple Grove, MN was arrested last week, and admitted to getting her 12-year-old daughter addicted to heroin. Following a bust for shoplifting at the Mall of Amerca, Hill told police that her daughter "likes to do the same things that she does and that [her daughter] 'most likely' uses heroin" because she does. If only the apple fell far, far away from the tree.

Hill also told police that she used heroin with her daughter three times a day for a two to three week period, and made her daughter tag along on shoplifting excursions that financed their habit. She said that she used heroin with her daughter so much that the girl had to be hospitalized after showing symptoms of withdrawal. The girl tested positive for heroin and marijuana at the hospital.

Hill was charged with second-degree sale of a controlled substance, endangerment of a child, and theft of a motor vehicle for borrowing a vehicle for a relative and never bringing it back.

[via The Huffington Post]