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Know-It-All, a puzzle game for Apple's iOS platform, aims to teach you by keeping you distracted. 

Currently a Kickstarter project, Know-It-All was developed by gaming industry veteran Howard "Gamemaster" Phillips, who has worked in various positions at Nintendo, LucasArts, THQ, and Microsoft Gaming Studios. He discussed the goal of Know-It-All in his Kickstarter video:

“Companies have been trying for years and years to find an effective marrying of good game design and good game engagement with learning, and nobody’s done it yet.”

Some of the content currently included with the app are lessons on guitar chords, noble gases, Japanese kana symbols, and Marine insignias. Users can also upload images and sound clips they are looking to commit to memory. 

Even though Know-It-All is an innovative mobile game its efforts for crowdfunding are looking bleak. The Kickstarter campaign for Know-It-All has only eight days left and it hasn't even scratched the half way mark of its $50,000 goal. Phillips however is sure Know-It-All will make its debut in the Apple App Store one way or the other. In an e-mail to Wired he vowed to “pursue multiple means of getting Know It All to market.”

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