Vice President Joe “Crazy Uncle” Biden and Republican veep candidate Paul “Damien Omen V Eyes” Ryan will square off for the one and only vice presidents' debate in Danville, KY Thursday night. If this were your usual meeting of political minds between men who would be the dude next to the King, anyone watching would be guaranteed a pretty good nap before bedtime.

But the joy in Danville may come from the presence of Joe Biden alone. Call him “gaffe-prone,” call him plain-spoken, whatever, future historians will probably say one of Joe Biden's defining characteristics was his complete lack of give-a-fuck when it came to carefully measured political doublespeak.

In his three decades as a politician Joe Biden has amassed a long list of moments when he spoke out of pocket. Here are 10 hilarious examples of when the sitting vice president rattled the political establishment by being a little too real for Washington's tastes.

Written by Steve Huff (@SteveHuff)