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Come election time, if Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney are exciting you, perhaps you'll cast your vote for the third option— Andre Barnett, the candidate for the Reform Party.

Just be comfortable with the fact that 35-year-old Barnett has a background in fitness modeling, and has appeared on a number of websites geared toward men interested in looking at... well, men.

Is Barnett equipped to run the United States of America, though? Following his education at Austin Peay State Univ. and Western Governors Univ. From 1996– 2000, Barnett served in the army. In 2000, a helicopter accident ended his military career and had the potential to derail any aspirations he had of becoming a player in the fitness world. Undeterred, he hit the gym and three years later became a fitness model and began WiseDome, Inc., a successful IT company.

"Having never served in a public office, he is pure and untainted," says some marketing copy on the Reform Party's website. "His style, demeanor and speech is Presidential. He is solid in his beliefs and never waivers. He is ready to give an answer at all times. He is accountable and dependable and is a man of integrity."

Funny thing is, he seems a little wishy-washy on same sex partnerships.

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