Last week was a big one for Facebook. Not only did the world's largest social network hit one billion users, it also released its first commercial. The ad, which attempted to explain that, like chairs, Facebook is a tool that connects us. It didn't go over very well, as most people either wondered if they missed something or if Facebook had lost its mind. Gizmodo summed up everyone's sentiments when it qiupped, "Facebook's first ad is its worst ad."  

So, it wasn't long before the Internet took over and had its way with Facebook's commercial blunder. Not only is there a @Facebookchair Twitter handle, but a now also a Tumblr called "Are Like Facebook" that features a bunch of random things that, using the commercial's logic, could be similar to Facebook. 

You can check out some good ones we picked above, and go to the Tumblr for all the rest. 

 [via NBC News]