Dishonored is one of our most-wanted games of the year, so we were more than happy to sit down for a chat with its co-creative directors, Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio.

The two have an unusual shared past, being inspired by similar games but never actually making one together. Smith's most beloved work is almost certainly Deus Ex, and Colantonio's is Arx Fatalis, a similar first-person RPG from the early oughts.

Both have plenty of other great games under their belts, and with their combined track records, there's pretty much no way Dishonored can be bad. You'll feel the same way once you read what they have to say. Oh yeah, there's pretty pictures from the game to look at too.

How excited are you about Dishonored?  What do you think about Smith and Colantonio's game design ideals? Let us know.