It's safe to say that poor Sally Hardesty has the worst day ever in Tobe Hooper's notorious classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. First, all of her friends get bumped off by the hulking, flesh-wearing maniac Leatherface. Then, she watches helplessly as Leatherface decimates her wheelchair-bound brother with, yes, a chainsaw. Making matters worse, she seeks refuge in the arms of the leather one's equally psychotic family member, which puts her in all kinds of heinous trouble.

In order to make it off the sicko fam's property, Sally has to, not necessarily in this exact order, run faster and with more routes than an NFL running back, get bound and gagged, jump through windows, and take blows to the head with a hammer from a nearly dead old man. When all's said and done, though, Sally gets out alive. And, despite the nightmares and mental trauma that will no doubt plague her life until she's no more, Sally can take solace in the fact that she's undeniably badass and still breathing.