This Halloween, kids all across the land are knocking on doors looking for candy, adults are anxiously awaiting the little ones' returns so they can swipe fun-sized Snickers bars when the kids are distracted, and cable television networks are airing censored, thus pointless, Friday the 13th marathons (those movies without gore are like porno flicks minus the penetration). Your friends at Complex, on the other hand, are celebrating the calendar's scariest holiday the only way we can: by honoring the horror genre's best in sexy, resilient women.

It's an ongoing tradition in nightmare cinema—when most of a film's characters have been graphically slaughtered, there's one young woman left standing, commonly referred to as the "final girl." Within the genre's long history of female survivors, many of them also qualify as guiltless eye candy for male viewers hoping to see some other-sex hotness along with the blood, guts, and violence. For horny gorehounds, it's the ultimate two-for-one deal.

As a way of both toasting to Halloween's scary movie trickery and doling out visual treats in the form of beautiful ladies, we've compiled and ranked The 25 Most Badass Horror Movie Heroines. In the chance that a killer wearing a hockey mask ever shows up at your house, you'd better hope there's a girl of this ilk sleeping next to you in bed. Well, even if there's no killer around.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)