It’s never a good thing to have your heroin-induced constipation wear off right when you plant an opium suppository inside of yourself, but that’s exactly what makes this iconic scene from Trainspotting so sickeningly brilliant. When Renton (Ewan McGregor) does his business on “The Worst Toilet in Scotland” he realizes that his precious suppositories might be lost forever. But instead of coming to terms with it, he sticks his arms in the muddy toilet water and begins to fish around for them.

That’s not even the worst part. As he digs through the fecal stew, he goes further and further into the toilet until he eventually slides through the pipes into a beautiful, watery oasis and finds his beloved opium. We know drugs can do strange things to a person, but we didn’t know that gleefully swimming through your own diarrhea was one of them. A straight-edge life it is for us!