Halo 4 is the first Halo 4 not developed by Bungie, and as such, we're expecting a different experience. We won't know exactly how new it'll feel until we're actually playing through it, but we can at least get a hint from the latest dev diary, which details how 343 Industries wants the Master Chief's story to play out.

How do you yank him out of his comfort zone? How can the Chief traverse the hero's journey when he's already been the hero a thousand times? How do you keep it interesting?

Despite its grand scale, Halo 4 will apparently tell a small, personal story between the Chief and Cortana. We've been waiting for them to hook up (somehow) since the beginning—maybe this is the one? The dude totally deserves to get laid.

Do you think the Chief is an interesting character? Can 343 pull it off?

[via reddit]