"'But can't you see cabrón that she is thinking that the first thing you think of after she has arrived home like this is a drink even if it is only a drink of strychnine that intrusive necessity for which and juxtaposition cancels its innocence so you see you might as well in the face of such hostility might you not start now on the whiskey instead of later no on the tequila where it is by the wall all right all right we know where it is that would be the beginning of the end nor on the mescal which would be the end though a damned good end perhaps but whiskey the fine old healthful throat-smarting fire of your wife's ancestors nació 1820 y siguiendo tan campante and afterwards you might perhaps have some good beer for you too and full of vitamins for your brother will be here and it is an occasion and this is perhaps the whole point for celebration of course it is and while drinking the whiskey and later the beer you could nevertheless still be tapering off poco a poco as you must be everyone knows it's dangerous to attempt it too quickly still keeping up Hugh's good work of straightening you out of course you would!'"

Geoffrey Firmin, Under the Volcano (1947)