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The "Yuppie Bandit" has finally been caught after robbing eight banks across the country. Known as Andre Sanders (that may be an alias), the man was arrested on Tuesday after robbing two banks in South Florida. The man has used several disguises during his heists but always wears a Ralph Lauren polo and typically types his demands into his iPhone. 

He robbed a Wells Fargo using a hand-written note, then a Chase bank about five minutes later using his iPhone. He escaped with money from the Wells Fargo, but fled when it exploded with red dye. That's how a quick-thinking officer caught him. An officer recognized the getaway car when he showed up at the Chase bank, as well as the tell-tale red dye on his hands. Oh, and the polo.

After robbing the bank using his iPhone, he was apprehended outside. Police in Pembroke Pines say they're working with the FBI to identify him. He's known all over the country, and may be wanted for similar crimes in Texas and Georgia.

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