There's a new top dog in the world of ultra premium rangefinder cameras today, as Leica has announced a slew of new shooters to its lineup, including a new flagship.

The all-new Leica M replaces the M-9 at the top of the heap. It's also joined by the Leica M-E, a less feature-packed retouch of the M-9.

Among welcome new features in the M are an all-new 24 MP full-frame sensor that Leica says provides better low-light performance and power management. The M also records full 1080p video— a first for a Leica rangefinder. Additionally, the display gets a boost to 3-inches and now offers a Live View option.

The M-E features the same 18-megapixel sensor found in the M-9 and doesn't offer video or Live View. Leica is selling it as a stripped down "It's the pictures, stupid" companion to its more technologically advanced cameras.

The Leica M will retail for $6,950 while the M-E is slightly more affordable at $5,450.