We would have thought that last night’s premiere of the final season of The Office would have brought in some pretty big ratings for NBC, but according to Vulture, it was surprisingly the lowest-rated season premiere in the history of the show. Not only that, but it was also the second-lowest rated episode in the series’ history in general. And you have to remember that the ratings for the series’ first two seasons were so disappointing that NBC considered cancelling it, so it has to be alarming for the network that the numbers are now back at that level.

The site is reporting that the episode pulled in 4.32 million viewers, which is down 46 percent among adults ages 18-49. This might either be a sign of bad marketing on NBC’s part or evidence that the show’s lackluster seventh and eighth seasons left a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. Either way, the peacock network needs to hope that these numbers improve, or this final season of The Office will be less of a celebration and more like a funeral.

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