In a scene straight out of a Tarantino flick, 26-year-old Amanda Linscott was arrested for attempting to rob a man after having sex with him in a moving vehicle that ended up smacking into a tree. In the midst of the sex-romp-turned-attempted-robbery-and-car-accident, the man punched Linscott in the left eye.

Though she was arrested yesterday, the sordid tale begins on September 2, when the victim says he and friends met two women (one of whom was Linscott) at a bar and invited them back to a someone's home. He says that he and the other woman ended up having sex that night. The girl allegedly told him she needed $250, but the man didn't have that, so he ended up giving her the $120 that he had.

After Linscott and the other woman left, the victim decided to call her cell phone to meet up. When he arrived, only Linscott was present, saying that her friend had bailed on her. Soon enough, the two were getting it poppin' in his Nissan, but she pulled a revolver on him when he refused to pay her. During a scuffle over the weapon, the car struck a palm tree and ran across two lawns.

She was charged with armed robbery and is being held without bond. Hopefully, the victim will never pay for sex again.

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[via NY Daily News]