Over the years, when Mortal Kombat started becoming its own intellectual property, other teams at Midway [would] be working on a game, like the [MLB] Slugfest guys asked, "Oh, can we put Scorpion in it?" It was always funny to see Scorpion playing basketball or baseball or something like that. We always got a kick out of that. To me, [my favorite] was when we put Mortal Kombat in The Grid. That was our first game outside of the Mortal Kombat universe, but there was something novel about seeing those characters interacting in a completely different mechanic.

[Note: The Grid's secret characters included Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Noob Saibot.]

I loved seeing Raiden in [NFL] Blitz. That always made me laugh, seeing him pass the ball to the quarterback. 

When we released The Grid, it was really at the very tail end of the arcade industry. Home console games were becoming so powerful that less and less people were going to the arcade. Ironically, we released an arcade game that was most fun with multiple cabinets. Three cabinets was 10 times more fun than two cabinets, four cabinets was 10 times more fun than three. The most fun I've ever had playing a video game in my life was playing The Grid with six people. Ironically, the economics of the arcade industry was people weren't buying many arcade cabinets, let alone [multiples of one game], so that game really [lent] itself to something like Xbox Live or something online. When the first Xbox was being started [and] they were talking about Xbox Live, they actually bought a bunch of Grid cabinets, and they were going to do The Grid for the Xbox, but then that fell through for whatever reason. A couple of times, Midway marketing wanted to do The Grid as a downloadable game for Xbox 360, and for some reason, that never transpired. It was just a series of people being really interested in doing it, and then for whatever reason—the economics or somebody who was driving it left the company or something like that—it just never came true. I still to this day feel like it would be a fantastic Xbox Live game.