Despite attempts by Kim Kardashian to get close to Beyonce, and the fact that their respective men Kanye West and Jay-Z are collaborators, the queen of reality television and Bey are far from best friends.

That was evidenced this weekend in Philly, during Jay-Z's performance at the Made In America festival, where hip-hop's first and second ladies practically ignored each other.

“Kim and Beyonce barely spoke to each other," says a source. “They were on opposite sides of the stage. Beyonce didn’t even acknowledge [Kardashian] was there until the concert was almost over. [Kim] didn’t make any efforts to go speak to Beyonce either."

Alas, they eventually spoke, albeit briefly, in a dressing room back stage.

"[They] made small talk in the dressing room," says the source, "but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable. She clung onto Kanye the entire time and didn’t say much."

[via NY Daily News]