Director: Michael Paul Stephenson

Every Halloween, millions of homeowners decorate their property with tombstones, monsters, and other seasonal accessories in hopes of scaring the crap out of neighbors and trick-or-treaters alike.

Yet, outsiders rarely, if ever, think about all of the hard work, dedication, and attention to the littlest details it takes to be a legitimate "home haunter." In his latest documentary, filmmaker Michael Paul Stephenson (Best Worst Movie) playfully but also respectfully examines how three families, all living in the same area of Fairhaven, MA, sacrifice their finances, time, and energy in order to assemble the creepiest suburban resting place turned domestic house of horrors imaginable.

In addition to presenting viewers with an ensemble of passionate and immensely likable subjects, The American Scream also reinvigorates one's love for Halloween; it's impossible not to relive the magic, excitement, and unabashed fun of wearing costumes and celebrating all things ghoulish while seeing the Fairhaven residents' efforts through Stephenson's observational lens.